Direct Stream Dac XLR & RCA simultaneous?

I just picked up a BHK 250 which has transformed my system in no small way. Sadly for my wallet but happily for my ears I am going to grab a Direct Stream DAC in the next couple weeks. Im planning on running it as a preamp for now as my only source is digital. I’m wondering if the RCA and XLR outputs work simultaneously? This would allow me to go XLR into the BHK and RCA into my sub.

You can use the XLR and RCA outputs at the same time.

The two outputs are in parallel. Specifically, the unbalanced output is in parallel with one-half of the balanced output. Thus, using both outputs at the same time unbalances the balanced outputs. This defeats the common mode noise rejection of the balanced outputs.

This does not hurt anything. It matters only if common mode noise rejection is needed in your system.


Thanks for the info. So it is not a perfect solution but sounds workable. I wanted to remove my old Linn 5103 Preamp from the mix (as its nearly 25 years old) but may have to hang onto it till the stereo ferry drops a BHK preamp in my lap, lol.

Hi @Elk
Does this apply to BHK preamp as well?

I assume so.

I do know you can use both the balanced and unbalanced at the same time on the preamp without issue. It has a MOSFET high current class A output stage that easily simultaneously drives the outputs. I believe doing so unbalances the balanced outputs.


Thank you.