DirectStream Outputs - Are both always on?

I could go into why I am asking, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. Are the XLR and RCA outputs both ON all the time? (I.e. I haven’t read anything about being able to select an Output from the DAC).

If you’re wondering why I am asking, I don’t have the DAC in my hands yet. The following is an excerpt from the manual. It sounds like the concern is only about the volume differential, which I’m not worried about.

DirectStream has two types of analog outputs, balanced XLR or single ended RCA. We do not recommend using both outputs at the same time. Be aware that most amplifiers and preamplifiers will produce 6dB higher level with the balanced outputs relative to the single ended outputs. If you are using both outputs be advised they will be at different levels. Our preference for connection to a power amplifier or preamplifier is through the balanced XLR outputs of DirectStream.

Yes, both are active all of the time. There’s no way to shut one of the other off.

Thank you! As long as they both have signal, that will work. I’m trying to use 1 output for an amp that powers my bookshelf speakers and the other for a headphone amp. Both amps will have a power switch and they won’t be used at the same time.

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Awesome, that should work just fine. Once you get it installed, let us know what you think.

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