Direct Stream Junior and the m700s

After reading the positive reviews on the forums and finding this piece by Steve Guttenberg,, I am about ready to make the plunge and buy the m700s. However, I do have a couple of lingering questions that I couldn’t find the answer to.

  1. I know that the m700s were built to complement the stellar dac and it’s analog preamp. I currently am using the DSJ that feeds into a tube integrated preamp/amp, and I wanted to just use my DSJ as both DAC and preamp. Since I only use digital sources currently, would the DSJ + m700 combo suffice?

  2. Can the m700s power down to standby, and more importantly can they be powered up by the DSJ?

Thank you.

  1. That should work just fine. A really good pre-amp might add something but it is by no means essential.

  2. The DSJ does not have 12-volt triggers (in or out) so I believe the answer to this one is “no”.

Correct, though the Stellar GCD and BHK preamp all have trigger outputs. That said, I wouldn’t worry too much as the idle current of the M700 is nil.

I have had the M700s now for about two months. Originally with a Audeze pre. Then the Gain Cell Dac. Now, (picked this up in Boulder yesterday) the DS jr. The sound keeps getting better and I’m close to nirvana. Still working out a few nits (and maybe a bug, not sure) but I am using Roon and Win 10 so nothing is as simple as it seems in the PC world. At first I got some pretty nasty white noise but Jeremy and Matt came to the rescue and Redcloud was completed first shot and now sounds great even streaming Spotify and Pandora. I too Paolo only have digital sources.

(BTW- Shout out to PS Audio and Jeremy for killer Customer Support)

May call again Monday with a few questions- Roon related mostly but now I’ll also search this forum extensively.

  1. I too am a bit bummed as my GCD had a trigger which fired up the entire system with one push of the remote. Paul (or ?) are we saying above the 700s can be left on ? Or say at least over weekends with no harm done?

That said, I wouldn’t worry too much as the idle current of the M700 is nil” PM

  1. Like I mentioned, I am still figuring this out but the sound on everything from Spotify to MP3 to Miles Davis at 24/192 is stunning with the DSJ/ReCloud and the M700s…!smile


Yes, you can leave the M700s on for the weekend with impunity.

Ditto on the welcome. Leaving the M700’s on can help break them in. I ran mine nonstop for a couple weeks when they were new (with the volume very low) and it did help. I think Darren said it wasn’t even essential that they be playing music.