M-700's just made Stereophile Class A for power amps

Congratulations to Paul and his team for their $3000 amp combo making Stereophile Class “A” ! It is well deserved.

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Awesome! I love mine. I guess I have a unique vintage of M700’s, post Stereophile review but pre-A rating. :slight_smile:

A truly great bargain and when teamed with the DirectStream DAC as a preamp…hard to beat the musicality!

Congratulations! My local shop was just suggesting I look at some high power Class D amps for use with my Kef LS 50’s to really make them shine.

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Thank you! This is the work of Darren Myers who is one of our very gifted engineers. We’re all very proud.

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I recently purchased a pair of M700. Not even close to being broken in yet, but they sound fantastic with my KEF R700’s and R400b sub.

Thinking about the Direct Stream Junior DAC.

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You won’t be diasapointed with the DSJr. The M700’s are PS’s gateway drug, once you get hooked on them you start looking at the Jr. and then the… and then the…!

I too started with the M700’s and then got a DSJr about a month later. Both upgrades provided a noticeable improvment and I’m glad I got to spend a month with just the amps to gain an appreciation of what part they play by themselves. Then when you add the Jr. you’ll get to hear exactly what it’s adding, it’s definitely a fun and enlightening process.

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Thank you for your input. I am leaning towards the Jr. I just have to convince myself that it will be an improvement in my setup.

I use a ARC Hybrid pre-amplifier; my sources are an Oppo BDP-105 (I rarely spin disks any more) and a custom built Music Server. I use Roon, handing the signal off to HQ Player for rendering. I currently have a Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2v2SE, all going through the M700’s to my KEF’s.

The DSJ will certainly fit into my system cosmetically better at this point. I just want to be sure I am not going to hurt my system sonically since almost 100% of my listening is through the DAC.

The only way to know is to try it and see which sound you prefer. PS Audio is delighted to let you try pieces out in your system and will accept your Wyred 4 Sound unit in trade as well. You can keep both for up to 30 days and A/B them.

I personally have never cared about system cosmetics, but putting the unit into your system will let you judge the degree to which this is important to you as well.

I just picked up a pair of M700s today to replace my S300 and compliment my DS Sr. I ‘fear’ there is a BHK Pre eval that will have to occur to potentially replace the GCD I’ve got, then I think I’ll be done for a few years only to enjoy the music.

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