DirectStream DAC and Time Domain Distortion/Resolution

Hello All,

New to the forum and just picked up A Directstream DAC running the latest firmware from the dealer. I have the unit for a week or two as in home demo.

This is my first real “high end” DAC that I’ve tried as I’m new to digital and have been using an Oppo 105 for comparison.

However, I’m curious how does the DS DAC address time-domain distortion and resolution?

The inner geek in my is curious if Ted or anyone else has some insight on this. I’m not an engineer by trade just a passionate audiophile so, my understanding of this topic is basic.

It seems though the goal of “Great” Digital is the solving the time domain. A better performing in this regard allows a digital product to sound more analog to brain?

Am I on the right track? 107_gif


I believe that time domain distortion (correct wave shapes) is very important. Where possible I use filters that are as close to a pure delay as possible. But at one important place that’s not really possible - the PCM brickwall filter that’s required especially for 44.1k sampling. Since there’s a tradeoff between being accurate in time vs. accurate in frequency various implementors make differing choices. Some choose to minimize delay, some to minimize frequency response inaccuracies, some phase response inaccuracies, or some other tradeoff. For 44.1k I picked being as close to what the mastering engineer probably was listening to as possible - which isn’t a minimum delay.