DirectStream DAC MKII Beta Tester Reviews

It is very likely related to the spontaneous persistent mute. Obviously, some have no problem; some haven’t heard a peep; and multiple amounts of time in between. You likely are almost, but not quite immune.


Thanks for the reply Ted. That’s kind of what I was hoping, that it’s somehow related to the problem others are having. So in the meantime I will patiently wait for the cure.

Fascinating. I’ve been trying to guess what the bug could be but this one throws a whole new wrinkle into the mix.

With heating and sporadic (some but seemingly well fewer than half?) infection, I was guessing maybe a hardware or perhaps manufacturing issue based on initial reports. With this new report now thinking field programmable code.

Will be interesting to hear what the solution involved when it arrives if we’re made privy

Interesting to hear that you actually think there will be a big SQ improvement by replacing the internal bridge inside the MKI with an external streamer like the Airlens. Have you tested this yourself?

No, the AirLens is not yet available, but from what some of the others posted, the Bridge is not as good as an dedicated external server or streamer and the Bridge is a electrically noisy unit to be put inside a DAC.


I think @Paul has high hopes that the AirLens will be quite a step up on the Bridge II…

and early reports from the alpha version certainly sound quite positive.

Thanks for the update James. Hopefully we will hear more today. Have the tech Gods figured out if it’s a software or (part failing) hardware issue?


Enough already!

I have. A world of difference. Way better.


If you are replying to my response to James, A, your probably not a beta tester or B, you did not return yours back for testing like i have. Your comment is not justified.

You’re a broken record in my opinion.

If others agree with me hopefully they’ll do a like!

Maybe you could just PM James or Paul every day, in fact why not do it every hour?!

EDIT, yes that was meant to be in reply to msladino22

Please respect other members……


Thanks for the laugh’s this morning.

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Thank you


You’re very welcome, and I look forward to your next input. You’ve managed 55 messages in this topic, you’ll get yourself a gold star soon.

Best, Dan.

What type of streamer did you use?

Please guys.

My two cents is that I would say that these forums are being read constantly by us, who cannot do anything about it - but are not being constantly combed over by PS, who are hopefully too busy at work solving the issues or simply doing their jobs. They will certainly let us know when they feel sure about releasing a fix. Asking them to guess about it has traditionally resulted in disappointment, as the guessed-at time passes.

Email to would be more effective in getting a response. If he tells you something he hasn’t posted here, please let us know.



My understanding is that the Bridge plays through I2s and therefore is not electronically noisy. I only use it when playing MQA Tidal music. I use the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 through I2s for everything else. I play 256 DSD recordings without any problems. I will try the AirLens when it is available but I believe it will not be a substantial improvement over my present setup.

Sonore Signature SE. I added the Matrix DDC so I could use the I2S input. Somewhere here I think @vkennedy61 listed a bunch of nice options that are pretty cheap. I am waiting for Airlens and if its as good or better than what I have will be selling. Simplify someplace would be nice.