DirectStream Junior Appreciation

Blown Away.

That bears repeating… Blown Away.

That’s my first, best attempt to describe my reaction to the sound coming from my new DirectStream Junior DAC. Sure, I could go into specifics: detail, imaging, transients, soundstage, and the big surprise for me - tighter bass. But it’s really about the sound. Wow.

Granted, it’s replacing a DAC that’s a fraction of the cost - but still a real nice DAC. And it allowed me to bypass my preamp - a wonderful preamp IMO. Then there’s the elimination of my USB connected Roon endpoint with the I2S connected Bridge II endpoint. Regardless of the root cause of the huge SQ improvement (or combined causes), I’m hooked.


So, the thirty day trial period? Mr. McGowan, if you need this DirectSteam Junior back… you’re just going to have to build more. I’m keeping this one. :wink: Sorry.

Blame Ted Smith. :slight_smile:

Me? I’m delighted, and grateful to PS Audio for making such an outstanding component available at such an excellent price. Thank you folks!

If others have strong, positive feeling about their DSJ, please feel free to share

PS - I had not yet told my wife about the change, since I was still hooking everything up and listening. But she walked by the listening room, stopped, came in, sat down, listened, and then began telling me what music she wanted to hear. Then continued that for a couple hours. She was hooked too.

The point is… someone who did not even know to be listening for anything different was just passing by, and heard it. And it sucked them in. Compelled them to listen. It’s not subtle.

Thanks! I am certain Ted will be thrilled as well. Thanks for publishing this!

Paul McGowan said

…Thanks for publishing this!

You are quite welcome. Not only am I excited, credit should go where credit is due. And it certainly is due to you folks. Well done!