DirectStream DAC v Bryston or Denafrips?

Curious if anyone has compared the Directstream DAC vs a Bryston BDA3.14, Denafrips Terminator, etc?

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Somebody around here will chime in …

In the process of trading in a Bryston BDA3 DAC for the Directstream DAC. Was using Ayre DX-5 audio out only via HDMI (Audioquest Diamond) to BDA3 which was a big improvement over stock DX-5. Also purchasing Perfectwave Transport & will use i2s. Hopefully all will be acquired by the end of September.

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When your Direct Stream DAC arrives …please give us a comparison
of sq between them…

That would be valuable…thanks

Best wishes

I compared a Terminator MK2 to my DSD with Windom.
I used I2S from my DMP ( it was a while ago) to Terminator.
I remember feeling that the Terminator had more detail but the DSD sounded more analog and pleasing.
I like that the DSD is built in the US of mostly US parts.
I saw no reason to give up free, periodic gifts from Ted, now, especially Sunlight.
I liked the look and feel of the Terminator better.
Everything in that chain has since been upgraded by the mfr; Sunlight, PST, Terminator 3, so reading this was probably a waste of your time. :grinning:

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Not really, unless the changes in equipment and/or software you mention have been revolutionary rather than evolutionary. If it’s the former then some conclusions could be drawn. If the later then you can ignore this, too.


Edit: I had that backwards. Typical – I confused even myself.

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Will do!

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