DirectStream DAC Vs Bryson BDA-3 DAC

Has anyone compared the DirectStream DAC and Bryson BDA-3 DAC?


I saw a disgruntled dealer online all of a sudden claim it was better than the DS. I find that ridiculous.


This is going to be fun watching… amazing when your livelihood is based on commission…

Exactly. It was so obvious. But this is what is going to happen. It starts…

Yeah - all the dealers that were PSA pushers will 180 and trash the brand to sell other products. We all saw this coming, it will be fun to see how they spin the spun… that is always fun to watch… and not even blink… I loves me a pathological salesman… like SNL pathological liar… yeah, yeah, I did Morgan Fairchild… yeah, that’s right… that’s my story… who are you going to believe sweetheart, your eyes or me…:nerd_face::sunglasses:

Fun times ahead!

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Well one dealer said he could no longer sell PSA last week. I told him Paul said he has up to 3 weeks. And quoted Paul’s statement here. The reality is he doesn’t WANT to sell a product he can’t get possible future upgrade sales on. So he would rather sell something in his future line.

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Yes - but he will tell you it all about the customer and customer experience and commission never enters his mind… sux getting older cause all of these personalities you have seen before many times. I liked it when I was younger and could not predict the next word out of a salesman’s mouth… sux getting jaded… and finding out stereo-types were created, based on partial truths… :frowning:

I hear you. That is part of my frustration at work. I know answers many months ahead of others but need to wait till it becomes their idea. A huge waste of money but the corporate way it seems

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Trashing will make me steer clear of that dealer.

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Where you are aren’t there dealers for both brands so you can hear them. Also another option in that price range is the Aqua La Voce S3. I own the DS Sr. and the Aqua but have never heard the Bryston. Maybe one of the guys on AS has heard both but you may get the same reaction from that forum owner too.

Thanks Jack. I already have and love the Bryston BDA-3. I was just curious about the comparison. If it was an overwhelming hands down DS winner I might have pulled the trigger on the DS and take advantage of a discount before its to late.

I thought I remembered you buying the BDA-3 but wasn’t sure. Nothing at all wrong with a good AKM 449x series DAC. The Teac NT-505 streamer/DAC in my Family Room system uses dual AKM 4497 chips and it’s a keeper. The streamer section is based on the Lumin/Esoteric streamers and uses the Lumin app.

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I’ve had both. I moved from the BDA-3 to the DS that I have currently. I love(d) the sound of both.

To me, in my system, the DS has a sound with more body while also slightly more laid back and somewhat forgiving. I also have B&W 804d3 speakers, so the more laid back sound is what I was looking for. The BDA-3 is exact and very true to the source imo. Shitter recordings sound better on the DS. Amazing recordings sound great on both.
I bought the BDA-3 for the HDMI capability for ease of using it with video- since I do not have a HT. It ended up being a flop for me, it doesn’t push the full 4k/60 resolution needed to run my aTV/xbox- so I decided to move to a DS when I found an awesome deal.

I would have been super happy keeping the BDA-3, but I am grateful to have the DS now- and it matches my BHK pre/power. Cheers


Thanks so much for the reply. My BDA-3 will be staying put!!