Directstream DAC versus Meitner MA-1 V2

Any experience with Meitner DACs? Ed Meitner ist also a great “Name” in DSD-Development. His current DAC MA-1 in Version 2 is highly recommended. Did anyone try a comparison with PSA Direcstream Sr? Thanks in advance for any feedback …

I think Ted has one if I remember correctly…but he might not be the right person to ask :wink:

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We use Ed’s DACs in the studio and they are excellent. I happen to prefer the DS but it’s certainly not a big difference. Ed’s sounds just a little dry for my tastes.


Meitner’s MA-1 does not support SACD-Disc-Conversion, is not providing software-updates and does not support I2S transmitting over HDMI. I would very much appreciate a PSA DSD Sr. in a revised Version 2 with Hardware-Updates: for instance with optimised tansformers and separated power supply for the analogue section. Well, now I’m looking very much forward to getting my PST this Friday. Sound Perfection ist going on …

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