DirectStream DAC video posted

This is 18 minutes long and is part one of the DirectStream story.


Ready to binge on part II.

It’s better than NetFlix.


Where’s Part II?!?!?!?!?!?

@streets still works

It takes a lot more editing to make me presentable :slight_smile:

I don’t think any of us give a rat’s @ss what you look like Ted. Here, beauty is in the ear of the beholder.


Nah, that’s what CGI is for . . . .



I found myself clapping watching this video awesome, already a mk1 owner and managed the easy upgrade to mk11 I’m keen to take the step and upgrade the unit to directstream now to save some dollars and make that happen. thanks PS Audio and team :smiley:

Nice video. Ted and Dennis are cool looking guys, kinda like me only a bit wider. I’m with Ted on the shoes thing too! Barefoot most of the time. :smiley:

Bring on part two and make it long so there’s plenty of time to present all of the material - I don’t want anything to be left out! :slight_smile:


Great video, anticipation is building and I have the popcorn ready for part II.


I’ll make mine fresh, just before firing off part two. :smiley:

My favorite recipe: Popped in coconut oil and finished with salt and a dusting of garlic powder and smoked paprika.

Next to try may be cinnamon and cocoa.


Any ETA on part II?

Apparently tomorrow :wink:

@wingsounds: Try a little MSG sprinkled on popcorn. MSG can make your thumb taste good!

EDIT: Great to hear others have the same reaction to the DirectStream. Confirmation of one’s sanity is the biggest relief of all. :smiley:

:-* Well, after a preliminary income tax review, I think I’m getting a nice refund this year. Looks like Daddy’s gonna get a DirectStream!!!

:slight_smile: I hope this toy can be support Unicode => 2 bite characters :smiley:

wglenn said: Confirmation of one's insanity is the biggest relief of all.

Fixed it for you.


@ellen_ng Yes it does

@streets still works
It takes a lot more editing to make me presentable :)

Well done, Ted! To say we're excited is an understatement! Question.... given the whole different platform involved here vs. the PWD MK II, will the DirectStream have firmware which will need to be updated periodically like we had with the PWD MK II? As we all know, there were several different "sounding" firmware versions of the PWD MK II. Hoping we can avoid that now.

Just placed my SoundStream order with Mayoura to get into the queue.


Howdy oddeophile

Need to be updated? :slight_smile: We can update the firmware and I do at times squeeze in new features (and more rarely find new ways of getting better sound). I’ve noticed no unexpected sound differences in my FPGA compiles of working code. I sure have had some funny sounding bugs.