DirectStream DAC

I have an old P500 Power Plant and it’s been feeding my DirectStream for over a year now. It just dawned on me that perhaps there’s a preferred MultiWave and/or Voltage setting that the DS may like. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe even Paul himself?

Thanks in advance

The only multiwave I routinely liked on my P500 was the one that adds some third harmonic to square of the sine wave. As it is the simplest, I bet it is multiwave one.

I find cleanwave the most interesting. It takes five minutes or so for the DS to settle down again after running cleanwave, but it then sounds better than before (I think). :slight_smile:

Experiment and learn what you hear.

I agree with Elk - also, I always use MultiWave on my system, if that helps. 120 volt.

MW setting strength 6 in P10. Extraordinary.

Paul: I have a P500. I am currently using MWave1 at 120v. Also available, as you know, are MWave 2-4.

Am I good with MW1 or are one of the others “better” to use with my DS (and Classé CP-700 pre-amp)?

Thanks in advance, Dave

p.s. I’m a Roon forum user and I like the move for your forum

Thanks! It takes some getting used to but I like it as well.

I am conflicted on this question only because it is so system dependent. Try it both ways. On my BHK I wind up using pure sine wave, but then on Stellars I use MW1. You’ll just have to give it a try. Do let us know.