sine wave vs. multi wave for p5

To my ears and in my system I think sinewave performs better than multiwave.  It seems to have a little more energy to the music and it also gives me about 15 more watts vs. multiwave.  The manual seems to suggest that multiwave is better.  What is your opinion on sinewave vs. multiwave
lovecountry said . . . it also gives me about 15 more watts vs. multiwave.
What does this mean?

I preferred sine wave to multi-wave when I had a P5 and now with my P10. Just better tonal balance and more dynamic.

I’m running both solid state (DMP, DSD, CXU, DVR) and tube (Dynalab Magnum 90T SE, Decware ZTPRE, Taboo Mk IV) on the power regenerator; and at the moment my tube amp (Decware Torii Mk III) is powered from a PS Audio Soloist Premier SE outlet but before that it was connected to the P5 and P10.

It’s possible that all solid state may have different results.

The power consumption shows as about 400 watts with sinewave and with multiwave it is about 385.

Agree that sinewave is preferable to my ears, better tonal balance and dynamics as Lonson says. The difference between the two is no small thing.

Prefer sinewave on my p10 as well

P5 with Bryston BCD-1 and Rogue Cronus Magnum II. Everything turned on but no music playing, there’s a very faint “whine” audible through the tweeters. Loudest (relatively speaking) with sinewave, then every notch of Multiwave reduces it, until effectively inaudible with setting 6.

In my setups and to my ears, it depends.

With my previous amps, DIY’d Hypex NCore NC400s & IcePower ASP1000s, I preferred Sinewave. With Multiwave on these amps, the bass never sounded right.

With my current BHK-250’s, I prefer Multiwave set to 3-4. This provides more upper-bass-through-midrange dynamics and impact over sine in my setup with these amps. Higher than 4 starts to remove some of the magic in the midrange I get with the BHK amps. And Sinewave does not sound nearly as dynamic and exciting.

In a similar vein, I have always preferred the ‘high regulation’ setting to ‘low distortion’ for all amps I’ve tried with the P10s.

My take on this along with which firmware you might prefer is that it will vary according to your setup, your hearing, and what aspects are important to you. So try some options and see what YOU prefer.

Of course, YMMV.

Greg in Mississippi