Directstream input questions /confusion

I’m confused about input selection. My Directstream with a bridge 2 is connected to an Innuous Zenith sever by a usb cable. I listen to Roon with the Innuous Zenith as a hub. When I select usb on the DS, the DS screen shows “input dop, rate dsd64 1 bit”. When I select “Directstream dac” (which I believe is the bridge input), the screen reads exactly the same way. When I press the bridge button on the remote, nothing happens—the screen doesn’t change and the music continues to play. When I press the usb button on the remote , the Roon music stops until I press the play button on my iPad. I don’t understand why the DS screen reads the same for both usb and for the bridge input setting or why the DS doesn’t seem to change anything when I press bridge on the remote. Excuse my newbie questions, but is something wrong with my DS or is it me?

Bridge is an Ethernet connection…does that help?

Thanks but I still don’t understand. Is the input labeled “ Directstream dac “ on the DS screen the correct setting for the bridge? Why does the DS screen read the same whether the input is set for usb or for the bridge? And my earlier question about thebridge button on the remote? Thanks again for responding but I’m still obviously confused.

Best I can tell you are not looking at the correct input screen on the DAC. Can you post some screenshots? Also what is your USB source/what is your USB cable hooked up to? And, there is no Direct Stream DAC input.

<This is the input selection screen. [Edit: I see now your USB source is the Zenith.]

My screen looks the same and has the same graphic as your photo but it says “ Directstream dac” rather than “bridge. “ So when I select that input or when I scroll down and select usb and begin playing music using Roon, I get a screen with the cd album cover. On that screen, it says “input dop, rate dsd 64 1 bit.” It says the same thing for both usb and Directstream dac inputs. I already described my remote confusion. In short, it doesn’t seem like it’s changing inputs when you push the bridge button on the remote or bridge button.

You can name the Bridge input anything you want: it may have been preset to “DirectStream DAC”

If you are using the DS remote control you can eliminate another variable by using the touch screen to select inputs. The manual has more explicit directions.

The DS’s screen is entirely different when the bridge input is selected. All other inputs share all buttons, status displays, etc.

Thanks Ted. Sounds like something is funny with the Bridge because I’m not getting a different screen. It’s exactly the same screen once I begin playing music, regardless of the input. I’ve had my DS for one week and the bridge came Pre installed. The menus show that the bridge software version so it’s being recognized. I’m also getting ticking and popping noises at random intervals when playing music. I’ve spoken to PS Audio tech support and they have sent a new bridge which arrives this Tuesday. I really like the sound quality of the DS and hope these problems go away. I’m in the 30 day trial period and very much want to keep the DS!.

The screens are not going to change depending on the input.

As one who just came into this thread, I am confused as to what is actually going on. So my first question is, do you see a pre-programmed input selection that says “Bridge II”?

As Ted already mentioned, the input names are user configurable so you can change them to read whatever you want. For instance, I renamed the digital coax input to read “Oppo UDP-205” because that is the component that I have connected to that input. So, do not get too caught up on what input name is displayed,

What I can glean is this:

  1. You have the Innuos Zenith connected to the DirectStream DAC via USB (NOT ethernet)
  2. You have the Bridge II installed in your DirectStream DAC but have nothing connected to it (NO ethernet cables connected to the Bridge II card)
  3. Music delivered by the Zenith is actually being played through the DirectStream DAC and heard through your loudspeakers, so no issue hearing the music delivered by your source component
  4. The only anomaly is that there is no differentiation between the inputs labeled “USB” and “DirectStream DAC.”

Below is the DirectStream DAC home screen, if you will. The only thing that will change as you switch between inputs is what appears in the center box (in this case “I2S”) and the label above - which in this case reads “I2S Input 2”.

Can you confirm that what I have assumed in this post is accurate? If not, please correct where needed so we can have a solid reference point to work with.

Thanks for your help. The Zenith is connected to the DS by usb. The bridge 2 is installed and is connected to my router by ethernet cable. The Innuous is also connected to the router by an Ethernet cable. Music is playing and I hear it.

Are you saying that, instead of the usb cable between the Innuous and the DS, I should run an Ethernet cable between them rather than connecting the Ds bt Ethernet cable to my router?

I think the anomalies are 1) I’m not sure the bridge is operating properly (or at all) 2) Switching inputs between usb and Directstream dac (Bridge) doesn’t seem to make a difference 3) I’m hearing clicking and popping noises which are annoying and may lead me to return the DS if they continue 4) the album artwork sometimes takes 15 minutes to appear.

If my connections are wrong and I should connect the Innuous with the dac by ethernet cable, that would be important!

For the clicking and popping can you try reducing the DS volume to 90 and then see if you get them?

for the other issue can you disconnect the bridge from ethernet. I assume you innous is actually sending a signal via USB and over ethernet (just a guess). I would then reverse and connect your bridge back and disconnect the usb.

Just realized that I couldn’t connect the Innuous to the DS by Ethernet cable because there would be no way to then connect the Innuous to my router since it has one Ethernet plug. I must have misunderstood your #1 point. To recap my setup :

-Innuous and DS are connected to each other by usb
-Innuous is connected to router by Ethernet cable
-DS is also connected to same router by another Ethernet cable

you may want try disconnecting either your innuous or your DAC from the ethernet and see what happens. you should see nothing from that input on the DS once you do that. and as I said try the same with USB. My guess is that your innuous is sending a signal via both.

Your Zenith is in fact sending music to the DirectStream DAC via the USB input AND via the Bridge II (Ethernet connected through the router to the Zenith) as a DNLA/UPnP endpoint. So, when you switch inputs from USB to Bridge II (“DirectStream DAC”), and vice versa, the music will continue to play as the Zenith is sending signals to both inputs on the DirectStream. There is nothing wrong there - all normal behavior. It is redundant having both inputs active, unless you have good reason to run both. My advice would be to decide which sounds better to your ears and disconnect the other connection.

The clicking and popping is something only PS Audo tech can resolve for you, unfortunately.

I disconnected the DS from my router. Now usb works but there is no sound on the bridge input. Also, album information and artwork don’t appear on the DS screen when playing music. The bridge instructions specifically state “the rear panel Ethernet connector must be plugged into your home network using an Ethernet cable.” If I disconnect the Innuous server from the Ethernet I won’t get Roon or have access to other Innuous controls such as being able to do a backup. Appreciate the advice but something is still wrong.

  1. The Innuos should be connected to your network via Ethernet.

  2. Now you can connect the Innuos direct to the DAC with
    a) USB only or
    b) Ethernet only (into the Bridge)
    c) use both ways to e.g. A/B the SQ differences or whatever other reason there might be…

When you connect the DAC via Ethernet to the Innuos, the Innuos acts like a Network-Hub, so the Bridge is then also connected to the internet via the Innuos.

Does that help?

I would do as Phillip suggests for your connections, I would suggest though that you still try the DAC at volume 90 and increase/decrease your volume via your pre if you have one. If you already don’t operate the DAC at full volume then you may want to check that your firmware is the latest on the bridge and also the DAC as therevhave been numerous fixes and tweaks to help with the ticks and pops that occur during songs and before songs (2 different issues)

Sounds like we need to get you a helping hand. We’re back in the office later this morning.

Brown, it seems to me you do not require the Bridge II at all - if your Innuos is a player/streamer. All you should need from the DS is the DAC portion…and not the bridge.

I would try disconnecting the bridge all together. Pull the ethernet cable out from DAC and only use USB to receive data from your Innuos. Innuos remains connected to ethernet.

Maybe save yourself 900 bucks too!


Howdy @brownsf,

As other folks have mentioned, it seems like your Innuos supports you going over USB or Ethernet.

That means we have some flexibility in how we approach things.

Do you have a preference on which connection type you use? They will both sound close to identical, although the Bridge II lets you get album artwork to display on the DS’ screen. Is that important to you?

If it’s not important, I would recommend sticking to USB and if you purchased the DS through us, we’d be happy to refund you for the Bridge II.

If you do like the Bridge II and the album artwork, that works too, we’ll just need to address the clicks and pops. The first step is to check your firmware. Click on the cog icon in the upper right hand corner. That will take you to the version screen. Once you’re there, could you let us know what Bridge firmware you have?

Thanks. The firmware is 3.0.5. I’ve spoken to TJ in customer support several times and he walked me through downgrading the firmware, which unfortunately didn’t fix the problem. He has shipped me a new bridge which is supposed to have the correct firmware. It arrives tomorrow. Might this solve the problem? Meanwhile, I disconnected the usb cable between the Innuous and DS and am listening with both the Innuous and DS connected by ethernet to my rou. I’m still hearing the ticking noises periodically. I can also try disconnecting the DS from the Ethernet cable and using the usb. The album covers are nice but not extremely important. It’s the sound! And the DS sounds very good between the ticks and pops. Appreciate your help.