Directstream Jr with balanced output sounds was very soft and almost muffled

I have a Directstream Jr with balanced output to a Bryson 4B but the sound was very soft and almost muffled. I switched to singled ended which sounded good. Why?

Were you previously using balanced out, and then all of a sudden the sound became soft and muffled, or is this the first time you tried balanced out? Either way balanced shouldn’t sound worse than single ended. Are you using the same manufacturer and model of interconnects for both balanced and single-ended?

I had been using balanced since i got the directsream Jr.
I switched the JR to low gain before I noticed the softness.
Now I think that must have had an effect. I will go back to high gain and see if that helps.
Thanks for your response.

That would explain it. If you switch it back to the high gain, that should solve it.

Yes, that was it. Thanks!