Volume issue - DirectStream Jr

I have the DirectStream Junior DAC. I use to keep the volume around 50/60.
However, for a while now, I have to turn the sound up to 100, and that’s not really enough.
I must say that I didn’t touch the amplifier settings and that the speakers seem to work normally.
I was wondering if the problem could come from the DAC.
What do you think? Any advice?
I have already tried to restart the DAC, without success.

Is the DAC’s volume attenuator on?

The attenuator changes output levels by adding a shunt resistor to the signal ground via a relay. Engaging the 20dB attenuator is akin to turning the volume down by 40.


I don’t know what is this DAC’s volume attenuator.
How can I check it?

Ok :frowning:
It was that. Thanks for your help !


You are very welcome

Happy listening!

Nice work @Elk !! One and done.

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Happy listening is my tag line Elk. Cease and desist, or $2 per use. Please, my lawyer is starving. :grimacing: