DirectStream Modification

I recently installed a Bybee IQSE in my DirectStream and changes were not subtle. I know that the “snake oil” responses are going to appear but for those of you who trust your ears and are willing to try something different you might be very pleasantly surprised. I installed one IQSE just above the power supply and attached it to the inside lid with the magnet that was on it. To do this, you will need to open up the DAC which is easy to do using all thread. There are instructions on this website on how to remove the top cover. Look under the heading for installing the DSD kit.

Once I sat down for a listen the first thing I noticed was the bass; it was way too much. I had to turn down my Velodyne DD15 ,6 notches to get it more in line with what I like. Bear in mind that the IQSE is a passive device. Once I got the bass under control I was able to listen for other changes. The sound presentation was smoother or more effortless is probably a better term. I could enjoyably listen to lower volume levels than I normally do which made my wife happy. Overall it made almost every song I played sound just a little more musical . Outside of the increased bass which I could easily adjust, I heard no negatives.

I do not know how the IQSE works but it is quite a bargain for $150 dollars. For those who want to try before you buy, I believe the Cable Company has loaners. If anybody else tries the IQSE ,I would love to hear what your impression was.

See, this thread.

Thanks Elk. I did a website search before posting this and maybe I put in the wrong info but I got nothing. I did not want to start a new thread if there was already one about the IQSE and the Directstream. It was interesting to read the impressions for the power conditioners.

The search function of the forum is ineffective, unfortunately.

lwin1949 said

I recently installed a Bybee IQSE in my DirectStream and changes were not subtle.

Hi lwin1949,

Thanks for sharing your interesting experience. I’d never heard of this IQSE before so am definitely intrigued.

Similarly I’d previously read the Audiophile fuses thread and am intrigued there too. I see the fuses get very mixed coverage between believers and those pouring scorn on the concept.

I kinda figure that for the 100/150 bucks involved I’m happy to give it a go and find out for myself.

If I’m going to get round to taking the lid off my Directstream then it probably makes sense to take the plunge with both the Bybee and a good fuse at the same time. I guess from a scientific experiment perspective it means I wouldn’t get to compare what each brings to the party. But that being offset by only opening the Directstream once is probably a good tradeoff in my books.

Thanks again for the insights.



Hi Alan glad to see you have an open mind. Once you install it let me know how it worked. Larry