DirectStream Optical Input Cable

I’d like to hookup my Cable Box to the DS for audio. I got this cable and while it fits in the cable box, it doesn’t seem to fit in the DS. Can someone tell me what I need?

Well, i feel stupid but I got it. Didn’t know the little clear caps had to come off.

Do not feel stupid; we have all done these things. Like a lot of tasks, its obvious and easy only after you know how to do it.

Elk said

Do not feel stupid; we have all done these things…

Hey, not that long ago, after decades of doing home audio stuff, I spent more than an hour diagnosing why I had lost a signal (no sound), only to find out that I had apparently bumped an on/off switch. Doh!

It happens.

Indeed it does. All too often in my case.

I thought the laser was supposed to burn through those. Huh. I learn something everyday.


That would be one scary interface.

^ It would be! Seriously, though, to the OP: keep those caps. If you’re ever not using that cable, they’ll keep the ends all clean 'n shiny. I put them in a small zip-lock bag and tape the bag to the back of my DAC so I can always find them.

Hah!! To this day - I will not use bananas on my Martin Logan Odysseys. I swear they only go in about 1/4" with an additional 1/4" hanging out the back. I think I’m doing something wrong - just not sure what. I just backed up and said ‘I’m out!!’