Stress on RCA jacks?

The cables are stretched tight on the DS Senior. I can see the cable barrel is bending but I just securely glued the RCA’s. Is this likely to break it? I do not see that the jack on the DS is bent when I remove the cable. There is a tiny bit of slack. I think it is just the cable pulling but not the RCA jack on the DS. I was just wondering if I am probably asking for trouble or if you can put moderate stress on those? Thank you

Nevermind. just ordered Audioquest Angel in 2 Meters! I got a huge deal on them. last Demo pair.

There you go, I love it when a plan works!

Can you point me in the direction of said huge deal?..I need a 7m long pair of AQ Angel XLR (don’t suppose can get a demo cable at that length).

Nah. I searched Google for 2 hours to find a demo. Amazingly they were not far away. However I may have good news. There is a huge markup on that. Call Music Direct. First ask them for 30% off. They probably won’t do it but maybe. Haggle with them. They want the sale. Try to get no less than 15% preferably 20%. That is a lot on something that is going to MSRP about 9 Grand I guess. Since MSRP on mine was $1793. The demo was 40% off. I just clicked order. No haggling that or they would be losing Money. Also try Saturday Audio in Chicago. After AXPONA they deep discount all the AQ cables they used. If you try hard enough you should be able to knock a grand off of it. If that fails just start Googling it for pages. Everyone at AXPONA will be unloading them. So just start looking. Now is the right time. Although not sure you find 7 Meters. That is very long. At least Balanced will not lose signal. You like the best stuff like I do.

i had to change the rca sockets on ds.

I’ve had to do this on all 3 PS Audio DAC’s I’ve owned.

Why alaint? I just glued them back on with Loctite black which is conductive. I am sure they are never coming off again. Although if they fail altogether I too will have to replace them. Then I would either use Furutech or Vampire.

i will use Loctite black if problems occurs again. thank you

I had a cable pulling hard on left jack on DS. RCA’s are now permanently glued on. Now I have a cable with plenty of slack. although it is still looking like the plug is bent. I can’t imagine it bent the RCA jack if it is glued on solid. Perhaps it bent the part closer to the chassis? Nonetheless it works fine. So I guess forget it. Trying to bend it back would probably be a bad idea?