DirectStream Volume Control via the network? (not handheld remote)

I’ve been away for awhile, but just wondering if there is anything new that allows control of the DirectStream DAC volume over the network. Ages ago, there was a little app for the PerfectWave DAC.


Are you looking for something other than the m connect app?

There is an Android/JRiver application called Gizmo that allows you to change the DS DAC’s volume (among a myriad of other functions) but that is a very specific app.

Roon does it the most accurately in my experience but MConnect also works. There isn’t a specific app just to control the volume that I’m aware of.

That’s it. Wonder if it works with Bridge-I. Gonna try.


Oops, spoke too soon. I’m looking for something that controls the physical hardware as if you were pointing the remote at it. There used to be an app that would reside in the windows tray, that could control the volume and the inputs of the old PWD (including the filters!).

Really looking for a replacement for that.


I was under the impression that the Volume control in the MConnect app does control the volume. I don’t know if there’s a PC/Mac version.

My setup is a little different then most on the forum:

  1. We are Roon users but do not use Roon to control the volume. Controlling volume via Roon is well established and many people thoroughly enjoy this feature. We chose the route outlined in #2.
  2. We use Control4 to manage our main system in the living room. Control 4 has a remote control as well as a number of apps that can be used to manage source selection and volume. This comes in handy since our BHK Pre is also configured to handle HT Bypass letting us use the L&R speakers for two channel listening as well as for video sources.
  3. The DS is set to a fixed volume output to the BHK Pre.
  4. The BHK Pre doesn’t have IP control so it it is controlled via IR for input and volume via Control4.

Probably should have mentioned that I’m using the DirectStream as a pre-amp. So I’m trying to lock all inputs at 100% and use the pre-amp to adjust the volume. Most apps allow you to adjust the volume (adjust the bits) at the player, I need to get to the pre-amp (i.e., DirectStream).

I, for one, did not find this to be a “clarifying” statement and I am more confused then ever about what you are trying to accomplish.

FWIW, here are a few things I think are true that may, or may not, be of interest to you:

-The DSD has a pretty good volume control when used as a “pr-amp”;
-PSA’s latest remote control for the DSD/BHK Pre-amp is a nice remote control (so I don’t know why you would need a mobile app.);
-PSA does NOT have its own app for controlling the DSD volume on a mobile device;
-All music rendering software allows you to control the volume from a mobile device (wouldn’t this meet your needs if you locked the DSD volume at some particular level); and
-See @vkennedy61 's response above (I think that is going to get you as close to what you are looking for as you can b/c PSA does not have an app. like the one you described for the older PWD)

Good luck to you.

I almost forgot about this, “extension”. It requires Roon:

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Sorry you’re more confused than ever. It’s not that confusing.

As I said, at one time, the PerfectWave DAC had a small program for Windows that sat in the system tray, that allowed you to control the DAC over your network. I never said anything about a mobile app.

Because I often listen to music in a different room than the audio system, the excellent remote for the DS cannot reach the DAC.

Lastly, I use Logitech Media Server/Streamer which requires that the volume on the player be locked at 100%. That leaves the only option being to use the volume control on the DirectStream.

For those who have told me about other options, thank you. However, if those options don’t change the volume numbers on the DS screen, it’s not doing what I need it to do. I don’t want to change my server OS at this point.


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