Volume Control with Roon


First off all: I absolutely love my new DirectStream DAC, certainly in combination with the Bridge and Roon. Must really force myself to go to bed because I just want to keep listening and rediscovering my own music collection. LOVE IT, AWESOME!!

There is just one tiny glitch which I can’t get my finger behind because it is an intermittent problem. At times, the volume control in the Roon App stops working. The slider number shifts but the actual volume of the DAC does not change, all other functions in the App keep working perfectly. As soon as I use the standard remote to adjust the volume, the Roon App immediately syncs with that volume level and neatly follows the setting of the DS display. (yet it doesn’t pick up the control again)

Is this a know issue? I’m still in the process of detecting where this may come from so I’m even not ruling out my WiFi network at this stage.

[UPDATE Feb 2nd]

Roon 1.3 is a lot better, after switching songs there is a slight delay before it picks up the volume controls again, but that’s minor.


Hi - I occasionally see that bug too on volume control but it’s literally only every few weeks or more for me. Closing down Roon on my IPad controller and reopening it seems to do the job without losing current playlist.

Yep - totally agree it’s an awesome combination. Didn’t take me long to go Roon liftetime, subscribe to Tidal and stop buying/ ripping CDs.


With the new build (200) of Roon release 1.3 this works flawlessly now, and also power on/off has been added successfully.

Really happy with this combination if it keeps performing as is.


HI All,

I’ve actually turned this off as I was lead to believe any digital attenuation can rob the sound of detail? This may not be the case with a ROON/DSJnr combo but it certainly was in my previous set-up (Aries Mini > LH Labs Pulse Infinity 2.0 DAC) which was resolved when I bypassed “app” control of volume & fixed it at 100.