DirectStream vs DirectStream Junior

Hey there. Maybe I’m not understanding, but can you explain to me what the DirectStream offers that the DirectStream Junior does not?

The Sr has a little more of everything: a little more detail, a little more finesse, more detail on the screen, a little better channel level matching, a little better noise immunity on the outputs… Many of these improvements are directly related to some higher quality parts in key places in the DS’s Sr.

Objectively the DS has a 6dB lower analog noise floor (because it duplicates the digital switches four times which averages the analog noise output.) The Sr has two I2S inputs and runs cooler. I do like the knob on the DS Jr, and having the Bridge built-in is a an additional cost benefit of the Jr.


" duplicates the digital switches…", as usual, i can barely keep both eyeballs going in the same direction…

I agree with everything Ted described. I spent nearly 30 days with Jr. before replacing it with Sr. I highly recommend going for it presuming the extra $ won’t bankrupt.

I like that it runs MUCH cooler in my rack, and sounds just that little be easier on the ears.

The DS Jr. does run warm, but can be effectively cooled with a fan setup. I am able to keep my average cabinet temperature at or below 82-83 F.

I run my Jr “naked” out in the open and never knew it had a tendency to run “warm” till this thread. It sounds awesome and I like the interface much better. No desire to move up or down. To complete the PSA Trifecta, I need to try the pre… Then we just have to wait for speakers I guess!