Disable filter button on remote

would this be possible in a future upgrade? I just got a DS and think the filter button can potentially be very dangerous if the low gain setting is selected, volume turned up and the button selected by accident. It would be nice if it could only be changed on the front panel.



I’d even prefer that -20db option hard wired, maybe via a switch on the back panel. I don’t trust the electronics so much.

I pulled the filter button out of an extra PWD remote. Problem solved :slight_smile:

How loud are you listening where this hotter signal would do actual damage?

I’d be surprised with the sudden jump, but it would not hurt anything.

Just curious.

Removing the button or going inside the remote and disabling the internal contact is a great solution.

In low gain i usually listen with the volume around 70-85 on the display which is about 85-92db measured with audiotools. In high gain I get the same volume with the DS showing 38-45 or so. So if I were to hit the filter button in low gain I think my tweeters would fry. My Luxman M600a amps in bridged mode have 35db gain and my Mid/tweets are 94db. The buildin Hypex amps power the subs. I’m thinking it sounds better in high gain but I hear his during quiet passages or between tracks. The amps arent the best match for my speakers but I love the sound. I don’t have this problem with my 300b amps.

You might just hurt something, but at a minimum you would get quite a surprise as you listen on the loud side.

An amp with 34dB gain and 94dB sensitive speakers is definitely on the sensitive side. I am not surprised you can hear hiss under some circumstances. But it must produce an appealing, effortless sort of sound.