DS DAC's output volume gone down

Hi all,

Just yesterday I encountered a rather strange thing: Though I didn’t change the level of the output of the DS DAC (set roughly at 60-65), the output volume went dramatically down. I have this issue when playing via USB and also CDs (via PWT).
Now I have to turn up the volume to almost 100 to get the same volume. This kind of strips me from attenuation reserve… :frowning:
EDIT: I’ve already switched off and restarted the DS DAC; still the same. Ev’tually re-install Roon?

Any idea where the problem lies?

By chance did you engage the attenuator button on the remote?

Possibly… Which one is that on the RC?

The button beside the volume level…marked dac level.

Hm, this can’t be… I’m still using the old RC from the PWT. This one has no attenuation button…

Try the filter button. Turn down the volume first…

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Yep, that’s a hit:smiley: It was the filter button! Didn’t know, that it has such a strong impact on the volume level. Thx

Happy to help…