DL III Polarity

If you have a DL III, I would like to know your impressions of the sonics after correcting the audio output polarity via a modified XLR to RCA connection. The original build polarity was inverted.

The reason I first researched polarity on my DLIII was the very first time I inserted it into the system. It sounded slightly “different” to my ears so I inserted a disc of Japanese taiko drums and as soon as I hit the play button it was glaringly obvious the “thwack” of wood on the drum head was missing and that was enough to remove all the excitement and impact of the music. I confirmed my suspicions by reversing the polarity on my speaker connections. I purchased XLR cables wired to reverse polarity and never looked back until I upgraded my DAC to a DLIII w/Level IV upgrades from Cullen. In the upgrade of the DLIII they addressed the issue with the board which reverses the polarity.

Any idea how many DL III’s…would be affected?

I’m running off of memory but I believe in an interview posted online, Paul was quoted as saying the problem with the boards was never corrected. The best test is to grab some percussion music, classical guitar or piano. Play it in your system, “as is” then reverse the polarity on the connections to each speaker. The music should sound more, “alive” one way than the other.