DMP Break-in time

Was wondering what others have experienced in regards to the length of Break-in time required on the DMP. I had at one point, 500 hrs on all three pieces of gear I initially purchased. DMP, DAC Jr, and BHK 250. I then upgraded the DAC Jr to the DSD Sr, and had about 100 hrs on it, at which point it sounded incredible. Because of some of the glitches I was experiencing with the DSD and DMP, PS Audio personally delivered a new DSD and DMP to my house, and made sure everything was working properly. Must add that this is some of the best customer service I’ve ever received from an audio manufacturer. So I now have a little over 300 hrs on the new DSD and DMP, and although things are sounding pretty good, it’s still not at the same level of sound quality as when I had 100 hrs on the first DSD, and 500 hrs on my first DMP. So I figure the new DMP probably still needs more time on it to break, but still wondering what other people’s experience has been with break-in time. Thanks

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