Break-in time

Hello. New PS Audio BHK 250 owner here. Wondering how long I can expect the break-in time to be. Anyone?

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I ran all my PS audio equipment for 200 hours if I do not know - but that’s how I do. Have just got a BHK 250 more. So congratulations to you. Hope you will be happy for your new amplifier.

Without pictures, don’t believe you :laughing:

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I whip you in the ass Brodric :laughing::wink::kissing_heart:

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The HiFi rack looks interesting. My dealer says I need a new rack…unfortunately I can’t pony up the $$$ for a Magico Mrack.

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I have so many other races I can use … but this is with some cool wheels on which I can drive around or away when I make measurements in the room etc … blah blah blah

You are evil. :grin:

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Maybe, but not as evil as a cricketer with yellow sandpaper.


Boy, that joke went over my American head real fast.

Not a joke, Australia is a nation in mourning…the only story in world affairs to knock yellow sandpaper off the front page of the newspapers here would be World War III starting.

Good point.

Hello girls question was "Hello. New PS Audio BHK 250 owner here. Wondering how long I can expect the break-in time to be. Anyone?

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Resurrecting a dead old thread, why is it during the breaking period of my BHK250, or any new piece of gear in a properly set up system, there is a period of “crazy good, then meh… then crazy bad… meh, then omg there it is” going on? Anyone has a theory?

  1. Are you basing your opinion during start up or 30-60 minutes after you have turned on your system?

  2. Are you basing your opinion on the same time of day? Power quality is better at night.

  3. Are you basing your opinion on the same recordings? Some recordings are better than others.

the unit is warmed up during the morning, playing it in the afternoon, I loop my faved list and sit down occasionally for 5 or 10min listen. At least for me, the first week is choppy, not consistent.

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Watch this.
Every manufacturer that I have experience with burns-in their gear; components or speakers before they go out their door.
Since burn-in burns money in time, effort and resources, they wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t important.
I also think there must be some burn-in involved in our own neural network.


Thanks for the video, my BHK 250 never sounded bad during the first week, it’s just that there are days it sounds very correct but emotionally uninvolving. That’s when I call it meh… Could be me too. It’s a different burn in experience compared to my M700…