Do I need a bridge?

I currently use a Macbook Air playing Apple Music connected to my DAC via USB. There is a used DSD Sr. in my very near future. Seems like I would continue to stream from my Macbook via USB to the DSD. Am I missing something? I don’t see a way to utilize a Bridge in this situation.

No the Bridge is for network based streaming. Most have found USB and I2S inputs on the DSD Sr. to sound better than the Bridge, me included. I sold my bridge and use an external streamer for Roon. But you can just continue to use your Mac as the source device. I think you need the right driver. I am by no means a mac person.

Also, others have found a big improvement buy using DDC (digital to digital converter) converting the USB to I2S. Its a big rabbit hole to go down as you might want LPS for the DDC and better power cord with it.

Also read up on the mods that can be done pretty cheaply if you know how to solder for the DAC as well. Every once and a while someone is selling an already modded unit here on the forum. Maybe post there you want one. See if anyone is selling.

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Excellent information, thank you very much.