Do you cover all your power outputs?

Have any one tried cover plates that you place inside the power plug, to reduce radiating power into the room? It is supposed to reduce electro magnetic fields and improve sound.

Its cheap but, does it work?

Link to product

Interesting product. I have not seen these before.

I haven’t seen them before either. But Cardas makes covers for unused RCA jacks, so I guess it was just a matter of time before a product like this came along.

The germans have got lots of specialist stores only focused on tweaks. I guess it is a huge market for tweaks in Germany.

I cover all unused RCA-outputs and XLR-outputs on amp and dac with great success. Blacker background, less harschness, more emotions. I use Audioquest caps and Oehlbach caps.

I need to get Audioquests HDMI-noice-cap-blocker and RJ45-noice-cap-blocker to get complete blocking.

PS Audio DSD DAC mk II will have the function to “turn off inputs and outputs when not in use”, which should reduce noice quite a bit.

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