Cover plate for Bridge card?

I may be pulling my Bridge card out and am wondering if the cover plate is available?
If not I can always 3D print one I guess.

It needs to be metal else the DS DAC will spray EMI /RF emissions out its slot. So if you print one line a foil layers at least that is getting ground from metal chassis. Likely you will not notice interference unless your other gear is sensitive.

I removed mine about a year ago and asked PSA about buying a cover for the slot. They graciously sent me one for free. I received a perfect fitting metal cover in a couple days.


I’ll ask them

They sent me one a gratis too. Even included a ground strap, static bag, and screws. Ask and you shall receive. :sunglasses:


I need one as well so will contact PS Audio. Thanks for the advice.

I removed my bridge card and contacted @jamesh. He hooked me up with the cover plate.

I also removed my card some time ago. Not residing in the old US of A (I’m in Australia) I asked our country distributor about a cover plate and they also sent me one gratis! :grin:

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We should be able to ship one out to you in a few days. Let me know if you don’t receive a response from the team.

Thanks James.

Todd Reitz


Yes, I would love to get a cover plate. I sent you a message via the forum with my mailing information. Thanks again!

Great, I’ll have the team ship you one in the next few days.

Hi James.
Just making sure my request for a Bridge card cover plate is happening.

I bought this used Direct Stream DAC from TMR Audio which they said was still under warranty (PWS-B-9K141919).
I tried to register it, but I got the message that it had already been registered. I had asked Ben G at TMR if he could contact the previous owner and ask that it be de registered.
If he is unsuccessful, can you deregister it so I can put it in my name?

Can you tell me when this DAC was originally purchased and if the Bridge card was part of the original sale? Had it ever been in for service?
The Bridge card is not working, but I was planning to use my own streamer anyway.
Thanks again