Cover plate for Bridge card?

I may be pulling my Bridge card out and am wondering if the cover plate is available?
If not I can always 3D print one I guess.

It needs to be metal else the DS DAC will spray EMI /RF emissions out its slot. So if you print one line a foil layers at least that is getting ground from metal chassis. Likely you will not notice interference unless your other gear is sensitive.

I removed mine about a year ago and asked PSA about buying a cover for the slot. They graciously sent me one for free. I received a perfect fitting metal cover in a couple days.


I’ll ask them

They sent me one a gratis too. Even included a ground strap, static bag, and screws. Ask and you shall receive. :sunglasses:


I need one as well so will contact PS Audio. Thanks for the advice.

I removed my bridge card and contacted @jamesh. He hooked me up with the cover plate.

I also removed my card some time ago. Not residing in the old US of A (I’m in Australia) I asked our country distributor about a cover plate and they also sent me one gratis! :grin:

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We should be able to ship one out to you in a few days. Let me know if you don’t receive a response from the team.

Thanks James.

Todd Reitz


Yes, I would love to get a cover plate. I sent you a message via the forum with my mailing information. Thanks again!

Great, I’ll have the team ship you one in the next few days.

Thought this was going in an e mail

It’s a cover plate on the way? Haven’t heard from anyone yet.