Does the Ferrum Wanderla have the same i2S pin layout as the Matrix Audio SPDIF?

I am thinking og getting a new Dac/pre, dos anyone know if the Ferrum Wanderla has the same i2S pin layout as the Matrix Audio SPDIF

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Yes, it works just fine in combination with default DIP-switch settings (all OFF) on the Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 3.
In the setup menu of the WANDLA, you need to select Pin 15 for DSD and you’re good to go with native DSD up to DSD256 as well.


well that has made my mind up to get it, yes, I would like the MKII, but its beyond my given budget, as want a speaker cable upgrade or a Hypos unit

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I’m not sure what you mean by the MK II. Probably the GoldenSound edition that has recently been announced? Since this is “only” custom software, you might get the standard WANDLA and upgrade later on.

I can recommend getting the HYPSOS though. It makes a distinct difference in terms of better soundstage, more clarity and more body to the sound.

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by MKII, I meant the PS DS MKII