Does anyone know if the Ferrum Wandla DAC works with I2S?

As per the question, does anyone have the Ferrum Wandla dac and if so, does it work with the i2S connection out of the box. I only ask, as am thinking of upgrading from my current PS SGCD ( and have the M700 power amps but will be upgrading those to the M1200 in the near future).

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It says it’s PS Audio compatible right in the Spec sheet.

– I2S (up to PCM 768 kHz/32-bit, DSD 256, DoP 256), PS Audio® compatible


Thank you. Not seen a spec sheet yet. I should have mentioned that I am using the Matrix Audio SPDIF to take the PC’s USB signal and converting it to i2S and sending that sinal to the SGCD (which I will be trading in I think)

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Have you been able to audition the Wandla yet?

Not yet, will be at the end of the month when he gets the demo unit back

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