Intel NUC for music server with Apple ISO or Linux

Does anyone have direct feedback on building an Intel NUC for a music server? I use a Mac Mini with Itunes and Roon with bridge II. I have a second system in a new office with a small separate system. I have zero experience with Linux. None. bt willing to try if someone thinks is’t better than Windows or Apple ISO

If possible I’d like to add an ipad to control if it’s possible. So windows is out. Not sure what Linux can do or offer. Again I know next to nothing about Linux OS

Are you building a Roon ROCK as a server? I did that and moved all music to that, it was pretty painless as you don’t have to be technical or know Linux. They have a lot of instructions about it.

I was going to try a Intel NUC and run Apple OS or try linux. Web surfing, emails, and CD ripping and LP ripping

Understood, unfortunately I don’t know enough technical stuff to help, but good luck with the project, I am sure someone will know. If not you can try the Roon forum too I just asked how to switch out the HDD to a SSD and got a response pretty quickly

A recent article on zDnet might be of interest to you:
Testing openSUSE, Manjaro, Debian, Fedora, and Mint Linux distributions on my new laptop
Let us know how it goes.

Can you try using your office computer as a music source? I’ve been using my general use Apple desktop and laptop as a music server via iTunes/10ft USB cable and it sounded as good as a simple dedicated music server/Roon/ethernet into my DSJ. Differences in servers (power supplies, shielding, dedication, etc.) compared to using a decent computer are very subtle.