DS DAC set volume?

Hi guys is it possible to have the ps ds dac set to a fixed volume of 100 as i have just added a pre?


Of course. You can set to 100 with attenuation out. 106 with attenuation in depending on what sounds best to you, noise floor etc. I have mine set w/ attenuation out and at 95 as that gives me good volume control on my pre. I hope that answers your question.

Some good stuff (somewhat related?) from Ted on this thread:

Yes thanks read that you are saying I just turn the volume on the DS to 100 and leave it right? I mean is there as option where I can keep it fixed as if I forget and use the remote the volume will not change… thanks

The volume on the dac will not change unless you change it. That’s why there are two volume controls on your remote.

Yes but I have a Jeff rowland 625S2 so added a Jeff rowland Capri S2

You cannot lock the volume to one specific value.

However, both the DS DAC and DsJ have a setting for Maximum Volume. That is, you can set a volume threshold which will never be exceeded. This is helpful if you are concerned you may make a mistake and set the volume too loud.

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Intermittently - for reasons that are explained elsewhere - the volume can change of itself. Something to do with the Bridge resetting (vol = 60 bug). And there was something else where the volume would go to 80. And of course, if you have some network latency issues when sending a volume command the end result might be unfortunate, as happened to me once.

Yikes! As if by wizardry.

The only time that happened to me was after a firmware update. A number of others had the same experience. Can’t remember which update it was. If I recall correctly, it set the maximum volume to 60 so that had to be changed back to 100.