Directstream DAC MK 1 - Best volume setting?


Thought I remember hearing Ted say awhile back that the Directstream DAC MK 1 had a butter zone volume setting - is that correct/still true?

I’m using the latest firmware, ‘Sunlight’.

I believe the setting that is optimum for the MK1, according to Ted, is 92. I could be wrong, and your preamp, your lack of one, or your taste, can affect the outcome. Experiment and go with what you like.

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Thanks! I had it at 95 so I thought it was somewhere around there.

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It also depends on the overall loudness of what you listen to. If your music never gets within 3dB of max then a setting of 100 is fine. Of course, as straightwire said your taste in your system is the ultimate arbiter.


anybody can advise i have volume switch
oscillation to and fro not able to move the volume up- it keep hanging there how to fix it.

100 always sounded best to me.

Hi Macrotrust,
Is the DAC switched to variable or fixed volume?
If it says Fixed Volume at the bottom the screen you shouldn’t be able to change it with the DAC volume button on the silver remote.
If it is on Variable volume you can change the volume on the remote (or the screen). The DAC will revert to a low volume on start up/power up in this setting.
I’ve never experienced oscillation of the volume from the DAC when it’s playing, whichever mode it is in - sorry.

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Hi Frank,
Thank for the reply. Usually we start and follow by initiation and then come to volume fixed and then we increase the volume say 95 or 100 level. It is not able to move higher up.

it is stuck at say 28-29 level -it keeps osciliating between 28-29 to and fro. that is the problem

Ninety-two. You will find one zillion posts if you search for “volume 92” or “level 92”.

Or you could read a post from the DAC Master himself:

It’s up to @Elk if we need another topic on this subject.

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Thank you, @vkennedy61 very helpful.

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