DS Dac straight to the main amp

I hooked DAC straight to the main amp instead going through the pre and am fod of new sound quality a lot. Crisp yet no hard edge at all. The only problem is I like the sound of final as well. Any idea of how to go around?

I am like you, I listen to Digital and Vinyl both. Although mostly Digital.
What kind of Phono Preamp are you using? Maybe a very high quality
switch box if you are using RCA out from your DAC. Or just physically
switch the interconnects.

I connect DSJ directly to professional subs/active monitors and have zero compliants.

Perhaps you can find a used PS Audio NuWave Phono Converter. Phonostage with build-in A-D converter. It outputs DSD via I2S. So in my opinion you could use an I2S input of the DSD SR to act as the pre-amp.

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I use the single end interconnect from the phono preamp into my power amp and balance interconnect from my dac into the power amp which has a switch to toggle between the two. If your power amp has the same feature, that would be ideal. But since the sound is way better with my Esoteric preamp, I plug my dac into the preamp and then preamp to power amp. Incredible sound with preamp in. better dimensions and substance and dynamics.

Thank you for kind input. As the sound of the direct hookup is so improved there is no going back to the previous connection. I will find out by the switch box or the other per your suggestions but how about how to overcome some operational difficulty in controlling the volume. The touch panel is hard to use.

The remote works fine for me. You try using that instead of using the touch screen? Just a suggestion.

Thank you. I did not know there is the volume control in the remote.

Glad I could help.