DS sr hiss coming and going

Hello all,

I have a recurrent problem With the SR.
My loudspeakers are avantgarde zero TA with 104db
When listening i have a hiss coming and going on a randomly way.
It last for 4-5 seconds and then vanish…
It Is thé same in balanced or unbalanced output.

I have noticed that separating ac power from xlr or rca could improve a bit.
But still not gone

Someone have a clue from where it could Côme ?

May or may not be related but I have found my cell phone when sending/receiving data can cause noise to come from my system. Would explain the intermittent nature of your problem.

Good thinking.

With Avantgarde horns any little bit of noise will be heard.

What kind of power are you feeding the DS Sr.? Wondering if it could be a household component/appliance of some type kicking on and creating noise on the power line.

I am not completely familiar with the Zero TA, but I have 1st Gen Duo Omegas which are 107 dB.
I do not believe that the TAs are self amplified ( like the XD series ), what amplifier are you using?
It could be a matter of making a gain adjustment somewhere in the signal path.
The DS may exhibit a very tiny amount of self noise on the higher output, but engaging the -20dB attenuator will completely remove that noise, so long as your amp still has enough gain.
If you can not hear the hiss at your listening position I would not be to concerned.
I know with my horns, placing your ear up to the horn is like holding a conch shell against your ear at the beach, you seem to hear all sorts of amplified ambient noise that is not really coming from the horn.
How are you connecting the sub section of the TA, separate line level or connecting to the speaker level?
Currently I run DS SR directly via 30 foot XLR to a Decware ZBIT ( to convert to rca ) to connect to a Decware SE84UFO25 amp for my DUOs.
Even with extensive power conditioning, very low level hiss and hum will come and go, but is never audible at my listening position.
Except when a hair dryer is used in the bathroom, the noise that is thrown back onto the line and or into the air is very evident through my horns!


About the cell i doubt as it is not the typical noise of cell buzz.
For the power It is feed with an audiophile power rack.

The TA comes with an intégrated class D amp for thé bass
The noise i am talking, can be heard from any place in the room.
It Is not thé typical noise when you are close from thé horn which Is more like a white noise.

(It is around 10 khz i would say)
It s pure random
Impossible to anticipate it…
It can occurs in both setup
Or xlr directly to the speakers from my preamp (c2300)
And linked to thé amp (passlabs xa 30.5) with banana
Or only connected to the amp.

My brother-in-law has a C2300, aren’t all the tubes 12AX7s?
It sounds like you might have a tube going bad.
Do you have any spare 12AX7s?
If not you could try swapping the existing tubes to different positions.
I would just try to keep a record of which 12AX7 was in the phono stage vs the gain stage.

The source of the noise will be hard to find as it comes and goes, and is random.

Does it sound like high frequency white noise?

Tube noise is a possibility. One characteristic is changing distortion. If it’s tube related it will get worse over time.

Try taking the C2300 out of the equation by running directly from your DS DAC to the XA30.5. Use the DAC volume control on low volume setting. See if there is any change in the noise.

I have three pairs of 12ax7 same problem when switching
I tried with the DS as preamp same problem…

I wondering if it is not a problem with the DS…
Can t it be something inside ?

Any chance it is tied to the screen turning on and off on the DS?

Also tried :frowning:
And just in case thé c2300 bas been révised one year ago :slight_smile:

It’s probably coming from your preamp. You may want to put a 10dB attenuator at the input of your amp. My speakers are 94dB efficient, 10dB whirlwind attenuator silenced all hiss.

It Is not coming from thé preamp because :
-when i use Grandinote Shinai or audio gd master 10 (integrated amp) hiss happens.
-DS as a preamp hiss happens
-when BHk amp and preamp hiss présent

So my conclusion Is that it Is coming from thé DS…
But can t find what s the source of it :frowning:

I have uploaded a video with the hiss

No clue ?

Does there seem to be any pattern to it at all? Also, what input are you using, does it happen on all inputs?

Thanks for your reply

It s happening on almost
Usb and coax.
I did not tried other inputs.

No patern at all, it can happens after 10 sec after power on…and after 1 hour like tonight…

Nightmare this hiss ;(

I say we try to unplug all the inputs and also see if it still does it while the other inputs are selected. Also, are you running the latest DSD code?