DS Junior high frequency hiss from 1. Channel

My 2017-vintage DSJ has suddenly started hissing from the left channel tweeter. I’ve isolated the source as being the DSJ by simply swapping to any other input on my preamp, and disconnecting all inputs from the DSJ. If the DSJ is selected, even with no source material, the hiss starts. I have my Oppo disc player set up so it can feed either the DSJ or direct to the preamp; silent when direct, hiss thru the DSJ. This isn’t a ground loop tone, it’s several octaves higher and sounds more like white noise. The right channel isn’t exactly silent, but it’s many dB quieter whereas the left channel hiss is easily heard at the listening position.

I tried a hard reboot with no change. Any suggestions?

Do you have the latest firmware? You could try different ones to see it the has an effect.

…if that…

Yeah, I’ve been running Sunlight since it came out. I guess I could try stepping back to one of the earlier versions, but whatever is going on is new in the last couple of days. No lightning storms in the area, and I have both a whole-house surge device and a power conditioner at point of use, so I doubt there’s been a catastrophic power spike.

What happens if you swap the left and right outputs of the jr?

Finally got some free time and swapped the XLR-outs L-to-R. The hiss/static follows the swap and now comes from the RH speaker.

I connected a different DAC today and there’s complete silence from both channels, so unfortunately it looks like something in the DSJ has definitely given up the ghost.

Glad to hear you’re done with troubleshooting. I’m of the mind set that repairing it is worthwhile. Then sell it so someone else will enjoy what it can do.