DS - Stereophile A+!

I do love the “I don’t care what it sounds like, if it doesn’t measure great it’s crap. If it measures great then I have to buy it even if it sounds like crap because if it measures great it must be great.” “Audiophiles”.



We’re getting closer to releasing it. The version will be called 1.2.1 and, as Ted suggests, it fixes a number of issue - some of which JA complained about - but the biggest difference is the SQ. Ted waved his magic wand on this and the results are, IMHO, extraordinary. Beta testers are playing with it right now.4_gif2guns_gif

brodricj said
SNA members know how to contact me, and are always welcome to come and listen to my DirectStream and form their own conclusions (as far as I know mine is the only example in this part of the world).
Actually you are not alone. I have one (near Wellington) and I'm told there are others also

Glad to hear that. News of its existence doesn’t seem to be getting much traction down here, not even any mention of DirectStream on either of the local dealer websites that I can find.

In the German Stereo 11/2014 is a fantastic test as well. It´s called “New Top Referenz”

Just downloaded it.

‘At the end of listening and comparing was clear: PS audio Direct Stream DAC is one of the best in his field’

100 out of 100 on Sound quality.

Price/Performance Outstanding.

No mentioning about firmware version.

100 out of 100 ain’t bad, eh? I haven’t seen a translated version of it yet, but Jurgen, our distributor, told me it’s one of the strongest reviews of any product he’s ever read.


Some DS impressions from Audiogon forum: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?ddgtl&1398132150&openflup&489&4#489

Frode, this is from quite some time ago. I’d guess with FW 1.1.5. The reviewer apparently didn’t get a chance to hear it with 1.2.1. I’m trying to remember if his impressions (assuming he was using 1.1.5) were consistent with what I thought at the time.


I mistakingly read it as 7/10 and not 10/7 (the European way).