I like it

I have a new (to me) DS. Is this the right forum for me to say that I like it? I didn’t like the first CD I ever heard, and most since then, but through the DS I they sound natural. Makes me sad for all the years the years of gritting my teeth. Listening now to Miles Davis Sketches of Spain, really hearing it for the first time. Someday I hope to buy Paul and Ted a beer, they have earned it.

Welcome stevew! Yep, you’re in the right place, and a lot of other folks around here agree with you!laugh

Yes! Welcome and we love to know what the rest of your setup is and how you’re getting on.

Welcome! Always good to have another steve, especially one with good taste in equipment.

Hello Paul, since you ask, 25 years of experimentation brings me to where I am now: Zu Druid speakers and a personally-modified Dynaco ST70 amp, Supratek Cortese preamp. Lots of water over that bridge. I would like to know:

With DS diving the amp directly, Santana’s Abraxas first track plays solidly imaged before me, but with the preamp in the loop the image floats free and shifts from left to right and back, spinning in 3D, which seems to me to be what was intended. I wonder what is going on in the preamp to make such a difference. [update: was because of the Rane EQ use for room compensation, the sliders had been bumped on the left channel. DS now sounds great direct-to-amp.]

Why does changing an interconnect wire make a difference in sound?

Why does an AC cable change the sound?

Why does shorting a fuse with a screwdriver sound so much better?

These things I have experienced, and they are repeatable, and unfathomable. It feels like we are still peering into the mist and have much to learn, the revelations of the DS are just a step along the road.

Paul has been discussing AC cables in his recent Paul’s Posts (you can find them above under Community and/or sign up for his daily newsletter).

Thanks, I will look at them.