DSD direct to power amp vs using a preamp?

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I would like to hear some comments about using the DSD as a preamp directly into a power amp. The output Z of the DSD is appropriately low with regard to the power amp input Z, so it should be fine electrically. I would be interested in comments comparing DSD direct to power amp & using a preamp with volume set to max & using DSD volume control.



Alternatively, I am currently using a Sonus Faber Musica integrated with the volume set to max & a DSD, using the DSD’s volume control. Any comments on this setup are appreciated.

P.S. Speakers are Sonus Faber Cremona.

A search reveals these threads with lots of information, and there are more. . . .






I have been using the DS DAC directly into my First Watt amp with great results. But just recently I borrowed a Decware Zen triode preamp from a friend who travels a lot. I’m so happy he’ll be gone for three months. Plenty of time to order one, receive it, install it in my system. Wow!

Ron, glad you tried the Decware out! They’re very good preamps. I have one I’ll be putting up for sale soon if you’re interested. . . I upgraded from a CSP2+ with stepped attenuator, dual stereo outputs and Jupiter caps to a Decware ZTPRE.

Perhaps. Thanks for letting me know. What will you be replacing it with?


I replaced it this fall with a Decware ZTPRE, and using a ZBIT with two stereo ouputs to convert the balanced output to single-ended for my amps, one for speakers the ohter for headhones.