Using integrated amp as preamp

I have an integrated amp that has a record out. No pre out. Any idea if this output would be equivalent to a pre out on a descrete preamp? Integrated amp is a Sonus Faber Musica. DAC is Directstream Sr. I’m currently using the Musica at full volume with the DSD controlling the level.

Usually record out are fixed volume (line level) vs. pre out, which is after the volume control. So be careful, when connecting to an amp, it could blow something. It can be used to record to a tape but also for a dedicated headphone amp (with its own volume control).

Yeah, already use the DSD for the volume control. Mainly I was wondering if the Musica Rec output would be preferable to using the DSD direct to a power amp. Much talk here about the benefits of using a high quality preamp, but I don’t know how the rec out ckt compares to a proper preamp output ckt. or, for that matter how it compares to the DSD output.

Ok, got it. So you have (a) separate power amp(s), too, but are not using them?

Which configuration sounds better for your can only be determined when you try out the different setups. I don’t believe that setup a is always better than setup b… (e.g. a pre is always better etc.). To many variables to give a theoretical answer.

I use a pre, but I have very long (10m) interconnects, and need a phono in, so I’m happy with that setup.