DSD into Power Amp directly (KT120)

So what is the NWPC? Hmm maybe the National Wages
Productivity Commission… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :innocent:

And curious how could it thrash the Hagel? Hmmmm…
Just having fun with your use of acronyms… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Best wishes

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North Western Police Commissioner. Watch out.

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NuWave Phono Converter from PS Audio. I really like mine.


Serhan …that’s cool…
But perhaps it is the Non Workers Proliferation Comission :grinning:

You see guys it takes a cognicenti to unravel
the acronyms

Thanks Lonson

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Some owners still prefer it over Stellar Phono Preamp.

I haven’t heard the Stellar, but I think the NuWave is a great match for my Rega RP3 with all the Groovetrace mods, Rega TTPSU, Reference belt, and Elys2. And when I experimented after owning it a year and using it all analog I was tremendously surprised to find that it sounds amazing using DSD via I2S into the DSD–which sort of makes sense as my best cabling is in use and I think the analog output of the DSD may be a hair better than that in NuWave.

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Lol, bunch of comedians round here :sweat_smile:

Its like an inflated balloon compared to the Hegel, everything is bigger, higher & wider. It’s like listening to music in a room with high ceilings. The Hegel just shrinks in comparison, its smaller, darker and the image drops lower. Less revealing, more quiet and not as rhythmic. Pretty much all the good stuff you expect out of an audiophile piece of gear is just better with the NWPC.

I originally thought it was really good compared to the NWPC because I had the Hegel connected to the BHK250 through a Holo Serene Pre, while the NWPC had been connected via I2S into the PWD DAC to BHK250.

I then connected the NWPC to the Serene pre with XLR and wow! massive step upwards. The NWPC is far far better connected to an amp via XLR and a good preamp than digital out to even the mighty PWD MKII DAC. I switched back to the Hegel with XLR as well and yep, not even close. I tried playing around with the gain settings and still didn’t anywhere near close to the NWPC.

PS I had demo’d the Stellar Phonostage while in possession of the NWPC and the stellar was another notch above. Similar improvement from when going from a mid class DAC to highend.

So yeah, my best pick for a phonostage is still the Stellar - It’s price represents is performance.

Also I’ve learnt - If you don’t have a superb preamp…Get one !

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Hey brookalypse…now that is a better description as to why
the NWPC is so much better than Hegel…

You are so spot on about an excellent pre…they are a must!!
But going straight to amp can be nice experience as well…

But of course humor and a merry heart doeth good like a medicine!!!

Best wishes…

I run my NWPC into then DSD and then the DSD into my excellent preamp. That’s a better sound for me than the XLR out from the NWPC into the same preamp, but it’s a matter of the cabling being better I think in my case.

I thought I had it perfect with the PWD DAC direct to amp. But then came a top class preamp.
Now I’m back to loving preamps :slight_smile:

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Interesting, I always thought it odd to convert vinyl to digtal then back to analogue again but the NWPC & PWD DAC did a pretty good job of it.

However I did not have the preamp in the chain at time like you have done.

Also my difference is I’m converting to PCM as the earlier PWD DAC doesn’t take native DSD.
This combined with the overall superiority of the DSD DAC compared to the PWD DAC may make a big difference. I’d urge you to give the Stellar a go in full analogue mode, there may be gains to be had, maybe. :slight_smile:

Oh I am sure that the Stellar would be an improvement. I’m just years away from considering a change in phono preamp, and I know I would also need a better cable for one, and . . .my audio component budget has disappeared for quite some time. I only play LPs about 5 percent of the time so I would take the new PS Audio transport over a new phono preamp. . . and even that is a few years away realistically at best.

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Well the budget is budget and I can advise the difference between the NWPC & Stellar isn’t life changing :).

Lonson, if you’re a Jazz fan you may love Coleman Hawkins - Desafinado. It’s a fantastic recording for the time and the music itself it equally good. Wait for the brass in the left channel to come in after the guitar @ 3.45 on the first track. The room reverb and space is truly something else.
The streamed version on Tidal is very good. (although CD & LP version is on it’s way to me in the mail :slight_smile: )

Cheers mate.

Hi @brookalypse
There’s a wonderful dedicated jazz thread if you like. @lonson is a major contributor.


I have Desafinado. . . there’s a majesty in this late period Coleman Hawkins, he was truly a master spanning much of the early history of recorded jazz. Lately I’ve revisited his late forties recordings where he was supporting some of the early bebop players with jobs and exploring the new format. Interesting music as a result, not quite whole-hearted bebop but more than conventional swing music. He was willing to explore and move out of a comfort zone.

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If you are years away for 5% play try a Parks Puffin. It will make any cartridge sing.

I’m perfectly happy with my NWPC! I’m actually perfectly happy with my whole system, especially my pre- and amplification components, I feel I can have these the rest of my life. My one big want is the PWT because so many are raving about it, I really do like my DMP but I’ll save a few years and see if I can’t add. a PWT.

I put Critical Mass System CenterStage2 1" footers under my DSD and got a significant sound improvement. As well, I go directly from the DSD through Iconoclast OCC RCA wires to a SMc Audio Upgrade 20+ amplifier.