DSD? is it

I have been a member of this forum for many years now. Its always polite (I know, weird for a forum like that). But a lot of the guys there are “semi/professional/ sound engineers”. This DSD malarky caught my eye, and got their take on it.

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I could only get through the first 20 or so. Mostly talk about I cannot hear a difference, not on the value of recording directly in it as Paul talks about here. For the most part the DSD recordings I have are great. Now I have heard some great PCM ones too. Logic and simple science seems to show the value of DSD. I continue to look for native recordings to buy. I dont buy unless I like the music of course, but certainly here how good it can be.

Now the investment on the studio side I have no clue on.

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It was only as a guide to what many (mainly US) pro and semi pro music recording/mastering engineers thought of the format.
As you have said the investment required could be massive, and also the actual Hi Fi to notice a difference/improvement over very good PCM can be