DSD mastering and quality

No. As Paul said, his approach sounds better to him over others. That’s it. Not because he wants to stay in DSD.

Cookie prefers mixing in analog. I suspect it sounds better to her.


Here’s just another hint on an album from Hunnia (with great music and sound), which was (like so many Fone albums) recorded in parallel analog (released on vinyl) and DSD128 (released as files). Good for comparisons.

Here’s an interesting article from Cookie:


@cookie, how did your findings of the DAD256 and the tape recording difference compare to your impression of the same live music (if you had a chance to listen outside the control room)? Does the tape offer an own, artificial magic or does the midrange advantage you heard, partly offer or compensate for something that’s missing in the control room’s DSD256 sound compared to live?

But I guess the live sound is again so different, that this makes little sense.