This album have been recorded to 2 different recorders, so it is available as original master in both formats.

What would you choose?

Some ‘‘experts’’ claim that DSD is just a hype and soon all will be PCM, but to me it seems that DSD is on the rise.


It is truly fascinating to me how many people suggest one format or another are hype. But you are correct, it happens often. DSD and its advantages are clear. There may be people who do not like what they hear, but that could be for any number of reasons. Hype of the format would not be one of them.

Audiophile said: And then there is Mark Waldrep on a crusade against DSD ; . . .
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DSD64 makes more sense than the 96/24 PCM…
(Better late than never)

In the meantime the label has made a sampler with different versions of one song in DXD, PCM, DSD and FLAC. Perfect for seing what you DAC can handle and what your ears prefer.


I own a couple of their ‘one mic’ recordings and they are really good. They record everything in DXD now but read the section on the website for how they create their DSD downloads - they are not digital conversions from the DXD master.

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That last One Mic recording just had a 5 star review;

"Review about One Mic Recording by Joe Whip at Audiophile Style.

…These guys and this recording just rocks. Pace, rhythm, tone and soundstage are just off the charts.
The precise placement of all four of the musicians perfectly matches the photos of the sessions.
The balance of all four instruments is darn near perfect. As you can no doubt tell, I am a huge fan of this recording.
It is one of the best in terms of recording quality I have ever heard. Of course, and as always,
your view of the actual music content may vary quite considerably from mine.
Nonetheless, I think we would all agree that this recording sounds sensational…

Strange , one should think it would be a lot easier to just convert the PCM files.
But they do sound very good indeed.

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