DSDac sounds even better with DVD- A

Been buying up plenty of DVD audio discs as they sound even better than SACD with DMP and DSD. Your system deserves giving this a try. Due to waymenus on discs work not all will play 2 channel stereo but most will with a little patience. For example just listening to Miles Davis Tutu and it is stunning. Doors LA woman reverts to 5.1 so Jim Morrison sounds like he is singing in a box under the stairs… but hey you can,t win them all


Got a reliable source for DVD a discs? I fail to find any here in the uk, and most online searches bring up reams of video, have even purchased a couple labelled as audio that turned out to be video singles- most frustrating!

Ebay is my main source plenty on UK site

Yes, it does…and Blu-ray trumps DVD

if you use SW 3.06, the last update that left the music icon thingy…navigation of DVD & BD is still (somewhat/mostly) available…

I think DVD sounds better but hope Paul Mc Gowan can make sure that functionality is returned as it is important

Btw I navigate DVD audio menus with a little 5 inch reversing screen hooked up to the analogue video out of my Yamaha dvd player, it’s not hooked to a TV but the little screen is useful for that, also means I can play a video dvd that I like the soundtrack of and still know where in the film it is - perfect example is Koyanisqaatsi :slight_smile:
Sound of course goes via the digital optical out, dvd player set for stereo only

I find the care spent in the recording, mixing, mastering process is a more significant factor than anything else.

I have some DVD-A that sound great and others no so much, same for SACD, CD, digital, R2R, cassette, licorice pizza - maybe not 8-track :wink:

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If DVDs sound better than SACDs it comes down to the masterings more than it does the format. DSD64 is at least equal to 24/96 which is all you will get with anything more than Stereo on DVD-A. With Stereo and Mono you can get up to 24/192. But I hear no real improvements for 24/192 over DSD64. In fact, I think I like DSD64 a little better.

So, if you can play both SACD and DVD-A discs, hunt for the best masterings. Because you can get some really crappy masterings on SACD and DVD-A.

given the same material…Blu-ray trumps!