A solution for DSD output to the Directstream DAC (mines the Jr.) using I2S and SACD blu-ray player

This French product is a HDMI extractor to I2S / COAX / OPTICS and allows playback of my SACD at DSD64. It cost ~$105 including shipping (chose UPS and arrived from France in 3 days). The product description states, “The I2S LVDS via HDMI connectivity of this device uses the PSAudio format.” For some reason the first disc I played was still PCM, but on subsequent plays the DSD Jr showed DSD output. Now all SACDs are DSD output.

I’m dipping my toe into the DSD/SACD world by using the Sony UDP-x800/m blu-ray player. I’m using it strictly as a CD/SACD/DVD-A transport, so it’s a little cumbersome having to connect it to my TV for setup. Also, with no menu screen it is a complete blackbox (crapshoot) especially playing DVD-A or Blu-ray audio that are menu dependent (use other player to determine selection sequence).

Here is the link:

Link: Audio extractor HDMI / MHL to I2S / Coaxial / Optical 4K 60Hz - Audiophonics


That is the cheap Chinese version. Go to eBay and save some change if you are in US.

That would be great, but I wasn’t sure the I2s out was specifically set up for PS Audio. Lots of YouTube vids show all of these soldering-type mods that would be needed. Either way good for us PS Audio dabblers!