DST through Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC version 1

A friend lent me a Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC version 1. I hooked it up to my DST using a digital XLR cable. Regular CD’s play amazingly beautiful. Soundstage, Bass, ambiance are amazing. Old Reference Recordings HDCD cd’s also play beautifully. It will not recognize SACD?? Does anyone have any idea what could ne happening and how to correc it? Supposedly it has the ability to do this… Thanks in advance.

DSD will not travel from the PST via that XLR cable. DSD only transfers to an appropriate DAC via HDMI from the Perfectwave SACD transport and to a DAC with the proper “handshake.”

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Now I tried to stream through the Airlens to the Berkeley Alpha DAC Series 1 through the Coax output to the BNC input of the Berkeley. The input light does not turn on but there is a very low level distant sound being streamed. Anyone have any idea if I’m doing anything wrong or is there a defect in the DAC?