SGCD Question

Quick question. When I’m playing DSD files/SACDs through USB/the ChiFi i2s converter should I get an indication on the screen as to the encoding or do I just trust Roon (at least for the files)?

i.e. does the SGCD have a source format indicator on the screen in any situations?

Thanks very much.
Mike in Dayton

It should. However, the USB readout on the GDAC is less than consistent, that’s for sure.

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Thanks. That’s what I thought. It’s not really in the manual but I seem to recall seeing signal info sometimes.

I only ask so I don’t drive myself crazy trying to find a setting that isn’t there or wondering what I’m missing. I always appreciate your help, @jamesh.

Mike in Dayton

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Less than consistent in displaying accurate information, or less than consistent in displaying anything? I haven’t installed my brother’s hand-me-down Aurender N100H yet, and I’m wondering what to expect. I’ll do it one day soon when I get a decent USB cable and get over my network fears. :wink:

The pragmatist in me says it shouldn’t matter what the display says since I can’t read it from my listening chair anyway. [I’d insert another wink emoji here, but I hate redundancy.]

Depends. There are some which aren’t able to display it at all over USB. Then there are some that do really well but sometimes struggle to hang tight to the info and display it.

I recently bought and changed the XLR cable connect the CXN-V2 DAC to SGCD with new AudioQuest XLRs MacKenzie to have all interconnect and speaker cable to be entirely AudioQuest, i notice there a pop sounded, not loud enough but hearable when play/pause the DAC, before the new Mackenzie, i have no issue/pop sound with old XLR cable from DAC to SGCD - the un-branded less than $60 ddid not create any pop. i think there is no any issue with grounding, since i have no hum issue with the Rel sub from first place when i unboxed and used the stellar stacks. it does not impact to my listening, but the idea of “something had happened” still around in mind whenever i start the music.

Anybody have any ideas ?



On SGCD, I disable DAC funtion, shutdown it down (power off), turn it on, then turn on and play the CXN DAC, no pop.

Enable DAC function on SGCD again, saved, turn off and play the music, no pop at all !!!
don’t know why, i guess there need to clear something has been remembered on SGCD ?

Now, NO POP → mean GOOD, waiting for couple weeks to break in the new Mackenzie, currently i see nothing different at first place compare to the old un-branded XRLs cable less than 100 bucks

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Glad the pop seems to have gone away. Hopefully it stays that way. Enjoy the new XLR cables!